The Importance of Micro-chipping – An Actual Event!

While I was working at my Newdigate client, she took a phone call from her son who was working locally in a small village.

He said there was a Jack Russell running around in the road on a sharp bend and thinking it would get run over, he managed to pick the dog up and discovered that it was very friendly, so put it in his van for safe keeping.  He then knocked on some doors to see if he could find the owner.  No-one knew who the dog belonged to and suggested that it might have come from a travellers’ camp up the road.  He then rang his mother for advice and she asked me what he should do, so I said he should take it to the local vets for scanning to see if it had been chipped and then could be returned to the owners.

It was chipped!!!! The owners lived in Wembley and had reported the dog as stolen 6 months earlier.  They were over the moon as they thought they would never see their dog Lola again.

Gill Osborne