Are you up to date knowing the law about YOUR pet – cat or dog?

You hopefully know that your dog needs – by law – to be microchipped as it was brought into law in 2016. They also still require a collar and tag in public.

It is up to you, the owner ( not a vet or rescue place ) to keep your details current – moved home, changed phone number, emergency contact etc.


 The Government have announced that it will be compulsory for all owned cats to be microchipped from 10th June 2024

Kittens must be microchipped by the age of 20 weeks and this can be done with their kitten vaccinations or when neutered by 5 months old with a vet, – or with other qualified microchip services such as rescue or grooming places.


Look at this page ( ) from PDSA which should answer all your questions.

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