About Us

About Animal Protection Trust

APT was formed in 1984 in response to local need for caring action to help unwanted, abandoned and ill treated animals, and was registered as a charity shortly afterwards. Its main function is the rescue and rehoming of unwanted domestic animals, providing the rehabilitation and veterinary treatment needed by so many who come into our care. No animal, domestic or wild, is refused help; those we cannot care for ourselves are referred to other rescue organisations who can help.

Our Patrons are Katie Boyle (Lady Saunders), Dr Peter Neville, the well known animal behaviorist, Beverley Cuddy, editor of Dogs Today magazine, and Emma Milne.

The Trust is based in Horley in Surrey, and covers the South-east Surrey area. However, APT does not refuse to help cases beyond this boundary; we can place animals on our Register, and refer to rescue organisations in other areas.

All the work carried out by the Trust is voluntary – no one is paid – our helpers come from all walks of life, sharing a common desire to help animals in need, with compassion and enthusiasm being the prime requirements.

Animal Rehoming

All potential homes are pre-checked, and adoptions are followed up with another visit during the initial settling-in period. New owners sign a legally binding adoption form. We have a neutering programme for all animals, in the effort to stop at source the problem of unwanted animals. We never destroy a healthy animal, a good home will be found – however long it takes.

Pictured right is Lucky, who was rescued from a rubbish tip in Turkey by a British family on holiday and brought back here. After several operations to mend his damaged legs, Lucky was able to lead a normal, happy life.

He was adopted by APT when his owners could no longer care for him, and became the Trust’s mascot, appearing at events and Flag days. Lucky’s dramatic story was featured in ‘All About Dogs’ magazine.


We also have a Lost & Found Register, which lists missing and found pets should they be reported to us or come into our care. Callers are also given help and advice on how to locate a missing pet. Monthly lists are sent to police stations, veterinary surgeries and other organisations with similar registers. The Lost & Found list also appears each week in the local press.


Fundraising is achieved by Flag Days, car boot sales, lectures, sponsored events, raffles and donations. The Trust’s finances are voluntarily handled by a qualified accountant and audited annually, after which a report is sent to the Charities Commission.

Unlike other organisations, APT does not charge for any of its services, and continues to be supported by public donations. Please remember APT when making your will; a legacy is a fitting way to remember the love and companionship of a much missed pet.


Membership is £12.00 or £18.00 per annum for single or joint respectively. Members receive a regular newsletter and have the opportunity to attend various events. Not all our members are helpers, and not all our helpers are members, but everyone is offered the opportunity to become involved in our valuable work.