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To help keep your dog and cat, healthy, happy and safe



Pet owners are being urged, by Animal Protection Trust, to neuter and microchip their dogs and cats as part of a campaign to promote responsible pet care.


Neutering is an essential step to take to avoid unwanted kittens and puppies.    From the earliest age of just 6 months, a female dog and cat can be ready to reproduce. A cat can have up to 3 litters each year.  An un-spayed female cat can be responsible for producing thousands of descendants during her lifetime!


Unneutered male dogs and cats are likely to wander off in their search for a female and run a higher risk of being killed or injured on the roads.   They also tend to be aggressive, leading to fights with other dogs and cats which can easily result in serious injuries and possibly contracting life-threatening viruses.


Microchipping will ensure that a dog or cat has a permanent identification system, by having a microchip placed under the skin at the back of the neck.  The microchip registration number can then be identified by using a scanner. Should the pet ever become lost or involved in an accident,  microchipping  will provide an excellent chance of a pet being reunited with its owner.


Animal Protection Trust, a registered charity, was formed in 1984 to rescue and re-home unwanted, domestic animals in South-East Surrey.  All the work carried out by the Trust is voluntary – no-one is paid.    For further information about Animal Protection Trust, including the charity’s ‘Lost & Found’ register, visit: