Garfield’s Story

We took Garfield in to APT when we were told he probably didn’t have much time left to live as he had so much wrong with him but we wanted to give him the best quality to his remaining life.

It was obvious he had a thyroid problem and so we immediately put him on tablets following veterinary advice.  His matted coat was shaved off – and Garfield had a spring in his step!  As his fur was clearly going to continue to matt, a daily regime of brushing and combing with special brushes and de-tangling sprays was necessary.  The results were remarkable. At first he hated being groomed, but as he gradually realised it wasn’t hurting, he began to enjoy all the attention.

From a scavenging, matted cat with serious health issues (his previous owners had ignored the vets advice and neglected Garfield) he was now having a great life.

Sadly, because his previous owners had neglected his need for medication, which had serious health repercussions, after 9 months he died. Thanks to APT this delightful cat received lots of love and kindness at the end of his life.